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About Pricing

A price can not be placed on perfection. However I am not perfect...But I try to be as close as I can be.

You want to have a great web site for yourself or for your business. You know you don't have one. What's a person to do?

You look for someone like me!

I'll be up front with you. I believe in the kind of business that follows something like the Florida Sunshine Law. Nothing hidden.

That being said, let me tell you about my pricing. Starting at $300.oo for a basic web site upwards to $1,100.oo for the best I can offer.

The Fine Print

1. The Warranty

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2. Hosting of Your Web Site

A lot of work goes into creating your web site, the hosting, and its design...about 85 hours worth.

This is what I include:

  • Whether you pay for it or pay me to pay for it the cost of most really good hosting is $8.oo per month for 36 months for the median price range hosting while you get the following;
    • 99% uptime
    • Instant setup
    • Instant backups
    • A SSL Certificate
    • A secure or super secure website
    • Unlimited Domains
    • Unlimited emails
    • MySQL databases
    • Wordpress Hosting
    • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth

3. Design of Your Web Site

A lot of work goes into design your website...about 75 hours worth.

This is what I include:

  • The pick of any of my themes, or bring your own and;
    • You supply what you want to say (the words)
    • You supply the images
    I will supply the know how to put things where you want.

4. Maintenance: $100.oo per year

Maintenance...the word itself is not enough. It needs to be done on a regular basis whether it is a bicycle, a car, or a web site. If you don't do it, things tend to break. Even web sites need it! Sometimes you want to change things and having a maintenance plan does the job.

This is what I include:

  • Changing or adding of text (up to 500 words)
  • Adding of 10 pictures and a maximum 100 word description per picture
  • Adding one (1) page with up to (3) images

5.What's on Sale

For the next year (ending 12/31/20) I am offering three years of maintenance for $175.oo. This is a limited time offer and may be withdrawn at any time.