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Coca-Cola BottlesThe definition of a logo is, according to Webster: "A symbol or other small design adopted by a company or organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc." I'll be honest with you, the first logo that I remember was the one from Coca-cola, and the first half of the logo isn't even a word! (At least not to my knowledge!)

But if you think about it, the average person spends about five (5) seconds scanning a web page and you can bet that the company logo stands out the most in a persons' mind. I don't think that Apple, Chevrolet (a.k.a. Chevy), Ford, Cadillac, or Mattel Toys would have gotten the recognition they did by using a logo that looked really stupid! (Yes, I know. Walt Disney did it with a crazy looking cartoon mouse named Steamboat Willie. But that is a rare exception plus America needed a good laugh back in 1928 and it just caught on!)

Why Should You Have A Logo?

My logoYou could sum that up in three sentences: You have fun using your imagination. And you even get to color it. Most importantly you get to put a brand on your company that people will remember!!

Think about the times that you have seen a fantastic shape or noticed a really cool color. You are already creating your logo and didn't even know it! But remember, a logo puts a brand on your company just as if you put a tattoo on your forehead. If it's a stupid tattoo, what are people going to think of you?!?

My LogoThis is a full rendition of my logo. I think that having a circular logo will show that I like to bring things full circle and to a proper ending.


You may wonder what a "Theme" is. A good definition of a theme is: Give a particular setting of ambiance to a venue or activity. In this case, using the word as a verb will apply as it decorates a web site the same way on every page so that a person viewing that web site does not think that they have done something to go to a different web site.

The thing that stands out about my web site theme is that it is gold on black. Sprinkled in is some silver, blue, and purple for a little variety and I have styled a theme for myself that I think will stand out in most peoples minds!

This is not a matter to be taken lightly when the design of your web site is taking place. The choice of your theme says a lot about you and how serious you are about your place on the internet...Unless of course your site is about lightheartedness (like Mr. Disney).