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About Me

Needless to say, even I wasn't born before computers! And that's a fact! Humans were the first computers back in the beginning of the 17th century when they worked for accounting firms. Today we call those accounting firms banks.

My favorite expression is "When a person does what makes them happiest then it is not work at all. Instead it is thoroughly enjoyabe and if you can make a living from it, well, that is even better!"

I was born in a small, independent city called Portsmouth in Virginia...but that was before The Beatles, my attendance in the military during the Vietnam war and far from where I am now. Work I have done includes everything from working in a mill, two manufacuring companies, and for AT&T during the Congressionally ordered breakup of the AT&T/Bell system. (Thank you MCI.)

By then I figured it was time to work for myself - and I do!

Why I Do It?

You could sum that up in two sentences: It's fun. And it keeps me on my toes! I don't think anything short of an all out nuclear war could keep me from doing this type of work! It's also a challenge. Remembering all the code for the five different languages that I work with is sometimes ....well, that's a little bit hard!!

Thinking of all the times that I have coded a page, designed the layout, or even done the art work gives me a sense of accomplishment and a lot of happiness for a client knowing that they have what they wanted (...not to exclude a well pleased client)!