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You have entered my website and found the Home page! Just because this website is dark, please don't consider it to be sooo sinister. I just happen to like using the art deco designs of the 1920's and 1930's to show off a little bit of my skills with HTML5, CSS, Javascripting, PHP/MySQL and a few other things that make life so very fun for me!


But, I'm not here to talk about me. I'm here to talk about websites - specifically your website and if you don't have one, to create one for you at an understandable and reasonably quick pace, and an affordable price!

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Well, it all starts with the question, "What kind of website do you want?"! It builds from there to features and details, and boils down to which hosting provider you want...and there are a lot of them!

A list of prices and my warranty about our contract to do business have been provided for your convenience. The prices are the suggested price for what I offer and may vary with the features you may wish to add or remove.

This warranty is explicitly between R. C. Burroughs and you (a.k.a. The Client). I guarantee that the client shall have, in no more than 30 days time after all documents have been received (including all written documents and graphics materials), a completed website. Said website shall be in good working order and delivered to the client in the form of a CD and a thumb drive.

A master copy of the website will be stored at the web maven's site. This warranty does not cover any hosting, domain name, or other product(s) that may be supplied by any third parties.

These items are all standard and create the basis for all other websites that I make for clients.

Hosting: Prices vary from host to host.
Three (3) web pages: $300.00
Two column layout:$000.00
Up to 20 images{$000.00
Use your designs:$000.00
Use one of my designs:$000.00
Buy one of my designs:$150.00
Total minimum price:$300.00 (excluding hosting)

These prices for pages can vary dependent upon any special needs (again, excluding hosting).

Seven (7) web pages: $450.00
Ten (10) web pages: $650.00
An image gallery:$200.00 (50 images)
Google Search Engine:Varies upon placement.
Accordian Pages (6):$350.00


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If it's extremely important that you reach me, please call (626)788-2544. (Answering Machine (just a tiny bit faster).)

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[HINT: Should WiFi fail, this portion of this website will no longer be functional.]


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About this Website

Even after WiFi goes out this website will continue to partially function, but, the Google Search function, e-mail and the link to the external gallery will be disabled.

About M3 (R.C.Burroughs)

Well, it all started back in the fall of '52... ["Wait!!! Not THAT far back!" they all shouted.] Actually it began just before I graduated in 1970. That's when I saw it for the first time. The punch card reader in the West Mesa High computer room. I was infatuated!

Then, starting late summer that year, as fate would have it, the U. S. Army got me involved with teletype machines. In 1982 the U. S. Congress did the Congressionally ordered break-up of the A.T.&T./Bell System as a monopoly, which got me involved with that situation, and the rest as they say, is (my) History!


The following is a list of my website coding skills, computers and their operating systems, and website programs I am familiar with:

  • Macintosh/Linux/Windows Computers
  • Bootstrap 2
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • HTML 4/5
  • Javascripting
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Filezilla
  • HTML-Kit
  • Micsosoft WEFT