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What I Do...

As a designer I think this is one of my best adaptations of an art deco design. That is what I do - take a design, take bits and pieces of that design, and use the reconfiguration to make what I want for a web design.

When a person does what makes them happiest then it is not work. Instead it is thoroughly enjoyabe and if you can make a living from it, well, that is even better!

So, if you see a little bit of something you think you recognize, it just might be that is true!

Why I Do It?

You could sum that up in two sentences: It's fun. And it keeps me on my toes! I don't think anything short of an all out nuclear war could keep me from doing this type of work! It's also a challenge. Remembering all the code for the five different languages that I work with is sometimes ....well, that's a little bit hard!!

Thinking of all the times that I have coded a page, designed the layout, or even done the art work gives me a sense of accomplishment and a little bit of happiness for a client knowing that they have what they wanted.

How I Build It...

Two words: With care!

...Along with HTML I use a sprinkling of PHP/MySQL, Cascading Style Sheets, Java, and Bootstrap. Good coding is what makes the Internet the Internet. And far be it that I would change what the like of Eric Meyer and others who strived to perfect all the code so that the information age could become what it is today!