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The Best Web Design is U. S. Veteran owned and operated. The veterans here range from The Korean Conflict to Desert Storm. Most of our Veterans have been battle tested and battle proven so that our websites can work as expected. When you hire veterans you have said, "Thank you for your service to your country!"

We would like to serve you as we served our country: With honor and dignity! It would be an honor to serve you!

Emblems for the four branches of service


It is obvious you're here looking for someone to create, redesign, or update your website. We design for every screen such as the mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Our coding is always up to date and is compliant with W3 standards.

It is guaranteed that your website will be what you asked for and delivered in a timely manner because we want you to feel satisfied knowing that what you asked for is exactly what you will get!

Whether it's around the corner or around the planet -

We just deliver results!!


Well, it all starts with the question, "What kind of website do you want?"! It builds from there to features and details, and boils down to which hosting provider you want...and there are a lot of them!

A list of prices and our warranty about our contract to do business have been provided for your convenience. The prices are the suggested price for what we offer and may vary with the features you may wish to add or remove.

Veterans ALWAYS get 30% off!

This warranty is explicitly between The Best Web Design and you (a.k.a. The Client). We guarantee that the client shall have, in no more than 30 business days time after all documents have been received (including all written documents and graphics materials), a completed website. Said website shall be in good working order and delivered to the client in the form of a CD.

A master copy of the website will be stored at The Best Web Design's offices. This warranty does not cover any hosting, domain name, or other product(s) that may be supplied by any third parties.

These items are all standard and create the basis for all other websites that we create for clients.

Three (3) web pages: $300.00
Two column layout:$000.00
Up to 20 images{$000.00
Use your designs:$000.00
Use one of our designs:$000.00
Buy one of our designs:$150.00
Total minimum price:$300.00 (excluding hosting)

The price for updating pages can be very dependent upon any special need. During this time of Covid-19 virus T. B. W. D. is cutting our price in half.

Update an entire website is $250.00 with a limit of 50 pages!

Redesigning a website is a better way to look more modern in todays' world...even when using art deco!

Up to seven (7) web pages: $30.00 per page
Up to ten (10) web pages: $20.00 per page

These prices for pages can vary dependent upon any special needs (again, excluding hosting).

Seven (7) web pages: $450.00
Ten (10) web pages: $650.00
An image gallery:$200.00 (25 images)
Google Search Engine:Varies upon placement.
Accordian Pages (6):$350.00


About the guys and gals

Well, to put it simply, with the exception of our leader, our range of births start at 1952 to 1972. We loosely put together a great group in 2014 so that we could have the camaraderie of days past, a group intelligence beyond compare, and more than just the common sense to understand what people a website that is!

We may be spread all over North America but you couldn't find better people to work with!


Our veterans have extensive training in HTML 4/5, php/MySQL, CSS 1/2/3, Bootstrap, Java, and Javascript. The number of years in training we have working with the Internet is equal to more than enough years of education with the Internet to graduate several times over!


From the people who brought you ARPAnet (the U. S. Government Department of Defemse in late 1969 to be exact [NOT Al Gore]) came The Best Web Design with our desire to keep things going right and tight! The two gentlemen who brought us the Internet were Mr. Vint Cerf and Mr. Bob Kahn.

Thank you gentlemen!

"The Best" Ways To Contact Us

Making this website pop would not be complete unless it had a way for you to contact us. Your thoughts, ideas, and your suggestions can help us help you have a better experience when you come to visit our website!

Of course we would be more than happy to help you update your website or create a website for you in practically no time at all!

But, I degress...

Our Phone Number: 1+(626)788-2544

(Please leave a message if no answer!)

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